Our Story

An exciting LEGO® store for kids and adults!

As a child, I have pleasant memories of visiting Childs World to select LEGO® sets or going with my parents to Kings Castle Land in Whitman. These establishments were my favorite spots to visit while growing up. However, such stores are not as common nowadays.

When I was laid off from my job as a Computer Programmer due to Covid-19, I realized that I could either return to my previous occupation or embark on a more meaningful venture in my local community. I decided to establish a community-focused LEGO store that would create exciting and lasting memories for children while providing adults with an opportunity to relive their childhoods. Additionally, I aim to organize fundraisers and events that will support the community.

My ultimate goal is to recreate the same joyous feeling that I experienced while visiting the stores of my childhood for the next generation of children.

Sean Gildea

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